Rupert has decided to stick around...

We have inherited a new friend at the Bottega this Christmas: Rupert! Probably fallen off (pushed off?) Santa’s deer pack, Rupert has landed with us and decided to stick around in the shop. So we decided to put him to good use and asked him a little favour. It is now official, Rupert will handle our on-line orders delivery to bring your favourite wines right to your doorstep! How good does that sound ?

Although since Rupert looks like he is enjoying way too many late nights at the Cross at the moment, we have backed him up with Fastway Courriers and Australia Post to make his work a bit easier.

So you can now browse through, pick your favourite treats, put them in your basket and get them delivered straight to yours! And it works for single bottles of wine as well! Feel like tasting one before getting a case? or just send a present to a friend ? You can now do it simply through our website!

Merry Christmas to you all!