Bottega del Vino – Potts Point      Sydney.

We are pleased to announce to everyone that we have finally joined forces with... The World Wide Web!!!

It may have taken us a long time to get there but we really wanted to do it the right way: ie bringing the true experience of the Bottega on-line. We like to think that it is a unique experience.

For those of you who already visited our retail shop in Potts Point over the past 5 years, you know who we are: a friendly neighbourhood boutique Wine store  with an unusual selection of delicacies from around the world (from gourmet French cheeses to Italian torrones & panetonnes, American syrups or Tasmanian honeys).

As well as constantly being on the look out for new interesting products, a big part of our everyday work resides in marrying and matching these products together: wine with cheeses, cakes and ice creams, bubbles and bellinis...  And this is the spirit we are now sharing with you on our new website:

If you choose to visit the website, you will find all of our in-store  products available for you to purchase on-line. Chocolates, wines, cheeses, bread, biscuits and much more... And we will happily pack them all up together for you!
In order to maintain the customer experience, we have set up our on-line store on a Click & Collect system to start with.

Easy to deal with, it secures your purchase with us, in good hands at the shop.

And this is particularly for our exclusive “Craig's Pick” selected range of very accessible Wines.

You send us an order, and as soon as we have got it ready in store, we will send you a "ready to pick up" confirmation email.

 It is as simple as that. Simple and secure!

Of course, if shipping is more convenient for you, just email us and we will organise it in the shortest possible time.

You will also find on our new website a few other features: a blog (to keep you informed on our daily news) and the informative Stepping Stones (our monthly newsletter to share our passion and latest finds). And of course, all the Social Media cute little buttons to keep in touch with us!

So we hope you are going to enjoy browsing on our new website.

Feel free to send us any feedback messages (they are always welcome).

And of course we just want to say a big thank you to all of you for your support in this new adventure, and welcome to all of you who are entering our unique Bottega, for the first time, on-line!

Oh and I almost forgot: keep an eye out, we will be throwing a launch party for the on-line store soon!

On behalf of the whole team at the Bottega,