Cheese is a serious passion of ours, and with Winter just around the corner, nothing beats the thought of a rich cheese platter, or baked home-made ricotta, fresh out of the oven...

Over the years, we’ve come across many incredible personalities and we’ve recently reunited with one who has embarked upon an exciting cheese journey.

When she’s not busy pickling and making cheese for Cornersmith, or organising feasts and other food adventures via Full Circle, cheese conquistador Kristen Allan can be found sharing her passion and knowledge at her cheese making workshops.

Kristen has travelled (and eaten!) her way through France, Spain and Tasmania, learning the art of making cheese. Milk, cultures, rennet and salt, she knows how to bring them all together and now hopes to inspire people to continue these age-old traditions in their home.

For more details of her workshops visit or contact Kristen directly at