5 days of festivities, to bring together a community and share with others the best we’ve got!

We have been happy to join and support this first edition of the Kings Cross Festival.

Our addition to the table? Well we ve decided to celebrate it alongside with our long time favourite Bread making company: SONOMA BAKERY. We organized a little market inside the shop on Thursday morning to remind everybody that Sourdough is not just a trend, it is also an art So Nicole from Sonoma joined us and explained our locals what makes sourdough so good, and was happy to give a little taste of Sonoma’s best loaves & muesli to everybody.

We ve also been lucky to carry - only for the duration of festival - Sonoma’s Mission Loaf, a giant size bread exclusively made for Sonoma’s cafes around Sydney. And it has been a hit!

We are looking forward to organize a new bread market over summer, and will let you all posted ASAP!

In the mean time, if you need more infos about Sonoma, go check out