Very simply, we would like to tell you in 5 points what exactly our “Craig’s Pick” range of wine is:

1/ Craig has been our Sommelier and Wine Buyer at Bottega del Vino from day one (ie 5 years).

2/ He has built up a selection of very exclusive, limited and accessible wines gathered under the appellation “Craig’s Pick” – a select range primarily from Australia and New Zealand.

3/ The “Craig’s Pick” selection also covers wines from all around the world. You could find at time wonderful Old World wines from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France or Austria as well as New World selections from Argentina, Chile or even some obscure grapes from Uruguay.

4/ “Craig’s Pick” is an introduction to wines with more complexity than your everyday table wine. In that regard, Craig aims to keep his focus on sourcing interesting wines, accessible for your palate and your wallet.

5/ Keep an eye out, Craig renews his selection on a regular basis! He is proud of every one of his selections – proud enough to put his name on them.


And of course, all our Craig’s Pick wines are available for you on-line:

If you want to try them, all you have got to do is just Click & Collect!