Click & Collect, a choice that matters.

Some of you are maybe wondering why we have decided to launch our new merchant website based on a “Click & Collect” system.

To be honest with you, shipping would have probably been a bit easier for us to handle. The orders wouldn’t be sitting in our stocking area until collection, but they would have been packed, sent, out of our hands, and eventually, 2, 3 or 5 days later, would have found their way to your door. Or your Post Office door. Or your neighbour’s door ?

 At the Bottega we have always maintained our focus on two essential aspects:

  • Maintain a high standard of customer service
  • Offer a selected range of artisanal Brands (that are not available in the large supermarkets and liquor store chains), whilst supporting small committed producers who strive to be different.

 These two elements are the key reasons why we have opted for the Click & Collect method.

Further, our unique and exclusive offering of  "Craig's Pick" wines adds another full dimension to why we have been able to grow organically in recent years. This hand picked selection continues to grow through our new Bottega del Vino website and gives you an unmatched choice that matters.

A/We value our customers

The whole idea behind the new website was to bring the experience of the Bottega on-line, to a broader audience, anywhere, anytime. We are not focusing our efforts on climbing the Google ranking and securing a first place, or hammering the content with sponsored posts on Social Networks. We just want to transmit  the same warmth, the same feel, and simply share with you, on-line, what we do best: marrying food and wine, with enthusiasm and passion.

So when it comes to products, some will come and go, according to the seasons, the mood. And some will eventually come back, or simply leave room to new ones.

When it comes to you, we want to treat our on-line customers the same way we are treating all our regulars. We want to greet you, help and inform you, sometimes even surprise you.

This is where Click&Collect makes sense to us. We exist. We are a bricks and mortar shop, based in the heart of Sydney, open 7 days a week, morning till late. The Click&Collect will secure with us your on-line purchases and leave you the leisure to come pick them up at the most convenient time. As soon as your order is ready, we will send you a confirmation email. Then your order will be here with us, in good hands, waiting for you.

 B/We cherish our products

 By bringing the whole Bottega del Vino experience on-line, we are also bringing what makes us so special: some gourmet cheeses, boutique local and imported wines, freshly baked bread, pastries and rolls, chocolates from around the world ... Some of the products we offer are perishables. And because we truly love our products, we just want to make sure we are handling them the best way so they will give you entire satisfaction.

So once again, Click & Collect appears to be the answer for us. No bad surprises at the Post Office, no broken bottles, no flattened cheeses. You just have 2 things to do: you Click and you Collect. We take (good) care of the rest.

What if coming to Bottega del Vino  is NOT convenient for you?

We do understand that a trip from Perth to Potts Point - or even just Penrith to Potts Point - does not make much sense to collect a parcel. And it definitely doesn’t make your life easier.

So don't panic. We are not completely against shipping our products (especially the non-perishable ones!). If getting your order shipped is more convenient for you, all you need to do is simply emailing us prior to placing your order on-line. We will organise it in the shortest possible time. It is as simple as that!

Click & Collect,  a choice that truely matters.

From Bottega del Vino Potts Point,