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For the past 5 years Bottega del Vino has had great success in making great wines available to the residents of Potts Point and surrounds.

We were able to make a lot of friends at our store known as Pelagios in Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, for 8 years -many of  these friends followed us to Macleay Street Potts Point in 2007 when we renamed the offering to Bottega del Vino adding a special wine selection.

So emerged Bottega del Vino: a Neighbourhood Wine store with food.

Each of our carefully selected wine range is  chosen with food in mind. Wine is made to share, and - to a large degree - they simply belong together creating  a certain synergy with the pleasurable experience of a meal.

Having an established retail outlet now enables us to spread our wings and enable our customers to contact us on-line and order our goods on the web. Our new website has been set up for "Click and Collect", which means that purchasers can now scroll through our products - select what it is they want - pay with their card to secure the products and at their leisure pick up their purchases at 77 Macleay Street. Ready to go! Secure in the knowledge that our exciting range is just a click away!

“Bottega del Vino, Wine chosen with Food in Mind”

Small is beautiful - retail requires intimacy and trust.

In this age of mass production and homogenized consumption, we - the artisans at  Bottega del Vino - quietly try to stick to the basics and keep our very small neighborhood shop intimate and inclusive.

Our Neighbourhood is our home and the products we carry reflect the discerning tastes of Potts Point residents.

We want our customers to feel wanted and engage with us in appreciating the difference that comes with food and wine made with passion and skill.

Across the store we have many artisanal brands that are not available in the large supermarkets and liquor store chains.

It is our clear aim to support small committed producers who strive to be different.

In our wine range we have managed to put together small batch wine producers from all over Australia - selected vineyards that reflect the Terroir of the environment of the particular vineyard.

It has long been believed that the specialness of Terroir resides out there, in nature, in the earth and the atmosphere given the particular grape vine's intimate relationship with its environment. Moreover  we believe that what is very exciting and emerging in the Australian wine scene is the recent introduction of many Mediterranean grape varieties that are showing great promise particularly as savoury - earthy wines ideal to be married and enjoyed  with food.

These varieties such as Sangoviese and Garganega in their new southern hemisphere landscapes from Margaret River to Adelaide Hills to Tasmania put their roots down in some of the oldest soils on the planet with surprising and captivating results from the wines produced from grapes that express Terroir.

Savory wines which are made with food in mind. These carefully chosen wines whether they be from Australia, NZ, Italy, Spain, France or as far away as Chile - each reflecting the Terroir of their heritage make up the central purpose of our offering.

Each and every wine that we carry, whatever the grape variety has been carefully selected.



Bread, Cheeses & Wines

And when we are talking about pairing food with wine, what would be better to start than marrying cheese & wine together? With the support of Australian Cheese Maker/Teacher Kristen Allan, we have gathered an extensive range of local and imported cheeses. Supporting local cheese makers as well as bringing the best out of Europe, we aim to make sure you will find at the Bottega the cheese that you have always loved next to the one that you would never have thought about, and that will for sure surprise your taste buds! Purchase it on-line and find it waiting for you in store!

And Chocolates

There is always a good reason for Chocolates: Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, heartbreak, long day at work, sugar rush, afternoon snack,... At the Bottega, we are proud to carry an extensive range of Artisan Handmade chocolates. From our long time suppliers Belle Fleur and Candlelight to the amazing Kennedy & Wilson, Michel Cluzet  or Amadei, and more Italian, Swiss, Belgium or French. There is a chocolate for everyone and for every occasion in our shop. Come have a look!